Aki Rissanen Korpo Kvintett


klo 20:15

Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström

27 €

Jarno Tikka – sax
Ilkka Uksila – vib
Eero Tikkanen – b
Jonatan Sarikoski – drs

The festival audience has a unique opportunity to hear and see how Aki Rissanen’s compositions live in interpretations of the Korpo Quintet. Rissanen has put together a quintet of musicians from Korpo Sea Jazz 2022 specifically for this concert, so something very rare is offered. “It is always important for a jazz musician to play with new ensembles, and I am blessed with the opportunity to play with fantastic musicians, who are also a little younger than myself,” says Rissanen. The concert’s repertoire includes productions recorded by Rissanen throughout his career, so the concert includes completely new arrangements of songs from, among others, the critically acclaimed albums ‘Amorandom’, ‘Another North’ and ‘Art In Motion’. “It’s interesting to see how the songs change as they reflect the artists who play the songs. I hope that both the musicians and the audience will be pleasantly surprised! ”

At the concert in Korpoström, two orchestras will perform. The same ticket also applies to Selma Savolainen Horror Vacui at 19.00. After the concert, a buffet will be served to those who have reserved a buffet ticket for the price of 23 €.