Mia Simanainen and Quartet Ajaton


klo 17:00

Korppoo ‌Church

23 €

Mia Simanainen – voc
Kari Ikonen – moog
Mikko Perkola – vio de gam
Henrik Sandås – bandeoneon 

The title of Quartet Ajaton’s latest album “Early Music in the Latest Way” perfectly describes the quartet consisting of singer Mia Simanainen, bandoneonist Henrik Sandås, mogulist Kari Ikonen and gambist Mikko Perkola – it’s a completely unique instrumentation. The background for the quartet’s various musicians range from a wide variety of jazz music to baroque, Argentine tango to contemporary music and experimental improvisation. They interpret Renaissance and Baroque compositions with their own, non-traditional arrangements, which preserve the beauty and spirit of old music and “interpret it with the creative frenzy of the future”, says Simanainen. So a real time travel is promised in Korpo church! “In the middle of our time’s mountain streams of music, this is a soul-friendly dip in a hot spring.” (Rondo Magazine, 2021)