Jam Session Grand hosted by Nina Mya


klo 22:00

Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström, Korpo


You only need 1. a song, 2. a key and 3. a tempo. After that you just bring it on! Jazz is amazing. Musicians can play, depending on their age, possibly 150–350 so-called jazz standards. Basically, jazz musicians could meet each other for the first time on the stage of Korpoström and they could even represent different continents. Jazz musicians all around the world can perform the same songs but the performances never sound like one another. That’s why jazz is so fascinating! Parker, Monk, Silver, Blakey, Gordon, Davis, Hancock, Hubbard, Henderson, Dolphy, Lloyd, Jones, Timmons etc! Nina Mya will keep the reins loose in such a way that the stage is crowded!

Nina Mya – voc
Matias Långbacka – trp
Kalevi Louhivuori – trp
Manuel Dunkel – sax
Joonatan Rautio – sax
Varre Vartiainen – gtr
Emil Nordström – gtr
Henri Mäntylä – pno
Jussi Fredriksson – pno / drs
Jori Huhtala – bas
Filemon von Numers – bas
Jussi Lehtonen – drs