klo 19:00


26 €

Toomas Keski-Säntti – pno
Mikael Saastamoinen – b
Okko Saastamoinen – drs

OK:KO is one of the leading bands in the Finnish jazz field, the band is lead by drummer-composer Okko Saastamoinen. He has been brought up in Haapavesis’ diverse cultural image and the Sibelius Academy. The band’s second album ‘Syrtti’ was nominated for both the Teosto Award and “Jazz Album of the Year” on Emma. The material in the new album ‘Liesu’ was born mainly during the corona quarantine and has been inspired by the memories of Saastamoinen’s youth from Haapavesi. In addition to Saastamoinen, OK:KO consists of saxophone artist Jarno Tikka, the virtuoso pianist Toomas Keski-Säntti and the versatile and expressive contrabassist Mikael Saastamoinen. The band is known for their fantastic live performances and they always put themselves and their personalities in play. “The band blossoms at gigs.” saw Saastamoinen.

In the Kommunalgården concert, two acts will perform. With the same ticket, you may also attend the Tomi Nikku 5 tet concert at 21.00. During the intermission between the performances of the two acts, a buffet meal will be served to concert attendees that have bought buffet tickets in advance, which are available for 22€.