Kari, Ilkka & Vesa


klo 19:00

Restaurant L'Escale, Nauvo

23 €

Kari Ikonen – piano, moog
Ilkka Uksila – vib
Vesa Ojaniemi – b

At restaurant L’Escale, we are promised an exciting musical journey deep into the sound image created by moog, vibraphone and contrabass. The musicians, who have gathered especially for this concert, are Yrjö-awarded Kari Ikonen, who is not only known for his own trio and solo projects but also for several top bands such as the Orchestra Nationale della Luna. The vibraphone in the trio is played by Ilkka Uksila, who recently debuted with his own band UXILA EXILE, and the line-up is completed by Vesa Ojaniemi, on double bass and effects equipment, a go-to bassist for many bands. According to Ikonen, the repertoire of this unique trio draws inspiration from “Antarctic folk music and Mars marches”, and he says that the set enables “heavenly poetry as well as a damn big bang”.