Långbacka & Nordström duo


klo 19:00

Houtskär Skärgårdsmuseum


The duo consisting of guitarist Emil Nordström and trumpeter Matias Långbacka will be heard in Näsby’s Archipelago Museum, Houtskar on Friday at 19:00.

A guitar-trumpet duo is not the most common combo. Stripped-down instrumentation leads to free-spirited and improvisational excerpts and forces the musicians to find swing in unusual yet effective ways. Matias Långbacka and Emil Nordström have played together in various ensembles for approximately 10 years, always keeping the interaction and playfulness as their guiding star. In the upcoming concert at the Näsby boat museum they will play their own compositions and improvisations. They might even play some jazz classics. You can expect an expressionally rich combination of swing and fragility.

Matias Långbacka – trumpet
Emil Nordström – guitar