Jarno Tikka Trio


klo 19:00

Boat museum in Näsby, Houtskari

23 €

Jarno Tikka – sax

Ville Herrala – b

Jonatan Sarikoski – drs

The wooden walls in the Houtskär archipelago museum are as if they were made for the sound of this trio. Jarno Tikka who is known from OK:KO and Alder Ego plays the saxophone, on contrabass Ville Herrala who has been named artist of the year at the Turku Jazz Festival is heard and the drums are played by the skilled and versatile Jonatan Sarikoski who divides his time between Kontula and Vienna. The trio’s repertoire consists of swinging jazz standards as well as original compositions by the band members, sprinkled with a great deal of freedom. “There will be joy and crackling energy in the air when we make our debut in idyllic Houtskär”, says Tikka.