Selma Savolainen Horror Vacui


klo 19:00

Archipelago Center Korpoström

27 €

Selma Savolainen – vocals
Tomi Nikku – trp
Max Zenger – sax
Toomas Keski-Säntti – pno
Eero Tikkanen – b
Okko Saastamoinen – drums

Horror Vacui, led by singer-songwriter Selma Savolainen, explores fear, abandonment and the discovery of emptiness. Each voice has its equivalent, shadow and echo of the previous one and there is no real loneliness. The songs composed and arranged by Savolainen take into account each artist’s soundscape, personality and way of approaching the music. The members of the band are among the most popular names from the younger generation of Finnish jazz, known from bands such as OK:KO, Mopo, Alder Ego and Signe. Horror Vacui’s musical image combines Bill Frisell, Bix Beiderbecke, Kurt Weill and Dirty Projectors. Moments of delicate chamber music turn into both rough tones and hypnotic beats. “The band hopes that they will be able to encourage the audience in Korpo to observe the origin of the music in the artists more closely during the concert – where does the music come from, what is the birthplace of the sounds?” says Savolainen.

Two acts will perform at the Korpoström concert. The same ticket also allows admission to the Aki Rissanen Korpo Kvintet performance at 19.00. After the concert, a buffet meal will be served to concert attendees that have bought buffet tickets in advance.