klo 19:00

Jazz Café Axo

23 €

Max Zenger – sax
Ilkka Uksila – vib

From Berlin to Pargas! Zenux was founded in 2013 and has its roots in the cradle of European subcultures, Berlin, where the band members lived at the time. Zenux has since performed at regular intervals, with variation in instrumentation and composition. In addition to performances in Germany and Finland, the band has been heard at the Blue Note Club in Amsterdam. The duo consisting of founders Max Zenger and Ilkka Uksila will be heard at Jazz Cafe Axo in Pargas. In addition to Zenger’s and Uksila’s own compositions, the concert program also consists of contrafacts, in other words songs composed on top of jazz standard harmonies, which according to Zenger contain “addictive and exuberant melodies in the spirit of Lennie Tristanos, Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh.”