Jam Session Grand hosted by Gunu Karjalainen


klo 22:00

Saaristokeskus Korpoström, Korppoo


Only three things are needed: 1) a melody, 2) a key, and 3) a tempo. After that, you can just go for it! Jazz is wonderful. Musicians, depending on their age, can know anywhere from 150 to 300 so-called jazz standards. In theory, musicians could meet for the first time in their lives on the stage of Korpoström and represent different continents. Jazz musicians worldwide know the same melodies, but the songs never sound the same. That’s why jazz is so fascinating. We’ve managed to get Gunu Karjalainen as the jam host. This witty wordsmith and verbal juggler, with his stand-up-like demeanor, gets the jam audience eagerly awaiting his interludes. When Gunu is in charge, things are both loose and tight at the same time. It’s going to be a guaranteed fun festival finale.

Maja Mannila, voc / pno
Matias Långbacka, trp
Gunu Karjalainen, trp
Gustav Nyström, trb
Ilmari Rönkä, sax / flute
Johannes Granroth, gtr / bas
Olli Soikkeli, gtr
Marian Petrescu, pno
Toomas Keski-Säntti, pno
Juho Valjakka, pno
Jussi Fredriksson, pno / drs
Mikael Saastamoinen, bas
Joonas Tuuri, bas
Anssi Tirkkonen, drs
Severi Sorjonen, drs