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History in the making! I am the first artistic director of Korpo Sea Jazz who has held the title for two years in a row; though this is obviously an accomplishment which can be credited to Mr. COVID-19. The program, which I had planned for the year 2020, will be implemented almost as such. I am now as excited and proud as I was in 2020, if not even more so.

Welcome to Korpo Sea Jazz at the end of July!

Kadi Vija, 3 November, 2020

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Towards the end of July, there will be some images appearing on Facebook of Korpo Ström, the Nagu square, the church in Korpo, or the boat museum in Houtskär. Both the musicians and audience seem to be really enjoying themselves together. I wonder if a jazz festival really can create as nice of an atmosphere and feeling of togetherness which is seen in the pictures. In 2018, I got a phone call from Teemu Viinikainen, who was the artistic director of the Korpo Sea Jazz festival at the time. The call was an invitation to perform in Korpo. When summer arrived, i found myself in the grand archipelago. I realized that the images which I had seen for years spoke of the evident truth of the event. I felt a part of something unique, created from the beautiful surroundings, the musicians and the audience. After a few years, I once again received a call from Korpo. Bosse invited me to be the artistic director of the  Korpo Sea Jazz festival in 2020. It took a second, but the answer was a given: yes.

The way I see it, jazz has historically become known through individual instrumentalists, and I wanted this year’s program in Korpo to focus on individual musicians performing on their instruments. Naturally, there are also established bands in the program. The festival offers fresh ensembles, where one could say that the connecting factor is to forget common instrumentations for the moment and open up to hearing new sounds. I can only humbly assert that my own ability to express myself and my shyness will be tested. Also, each concert venue – be it in Korpo, Nagu, Houtskär or on Aspö – will offer a solid platform for the music, musicians and the audience to experience something new; hopefully even something unforgettable. 

To my jazz lovers: I am thankful and extremely happy in welcoming you all to Korpo, Nagu, Houtskär and Aspö to enjoy the music, great food, sunny weather and amazing togetherness.

Kadi Vija
Artistic director
Korpo Sea Jazz 2020