Connection. Joy. That’s what we all need.


In recent years, the world has been shaken by major upheavals: first the Covid, then the war in Ukraine and, in addition to these, some natural disasters. I can’t help but think how much these have affected everyone, not only on an everyday level, but above all, spiritually. Nothing is like before. However, there is something positive hidden in great upheavals and difficult times – they force each of us to turn more inward, to examine our values and to value our connection with other people and nature even more. Amid difficult times, it’s important to be grateful for what we already have and appreciate the good, self-evident things. Like security. 

Korpo Sea Jazz 2023 will be a great meeting place to enjoy summer, music, and connection. And what could strengthen connection and interaction between people better than live music? In jazz, the sensitivity to encounter, listen and create is highlighted. The connection to nature is undeniable in Korppoo. One of the most personal aspects of this archipelago event is its dazzlingly beautiful nature and personal and intimate concert venues. The festival is also known among musicians as a very friendly and warm-hearted event, the focus of which is on a good atmosphere and high-quality execution that everyone appreciates.

In the summer of 2023 in Korppoo, I want to bring out the roots of jazz music, and there is a lot of American flavors in the repertoire, all the way from bebop to soul and gospel. There might even be a hint of rock’ n’ roll in there. Without forgetting the Scandinavian atmosphere and unusual, somewhat experimental combos and strong improvisation. My own love for vocal music can be heard and seen, but since I am also a pianist, the festival features contemporary piano music. Also, as a singer, I have always related to saxophonists and long before jazz singers I listened to saxophonists, especially Dexter Gordon. At the upcoming festival, I would also say that the saxophonists are well represented, although all the musicians represent the top of the Finnish jazz field, no matter what instrument. All of them are not only my colleagues, but also jazz role models that I admire.

I hope that as many people as possible will find this small, intimate and high-vibing jazz festival in Korppoo in Summer 2023. The atmosphere, interpretation and sizzling energy are palpable when Finnish nature at its most beautiful and all shades of African-American music meet. Connection. Joy. That’s what we all need.

Nina Mya
Artistic Director
Korpo Sea Jazz 2023