Time for accountability


In these times, I sometimes wonder if we have the right to produce a jazz festival and enjoy the concerts while ignoring the wars in Europe and further away.

Climate change and species extinction are progressing rapidly, the polar ice are melting and pollinators are disappearing, causing fear and anxiety at the same time. In addition to this, our oceans are filled with plastic waste and we get microplastics in our food.

It’s easy to just give up and say let’s have fun as long as we can. Thinking like this reminds me of my grandchildren and the world they have to live in after us. Everyone can take care of their plots and global organizations and states, larger entities. Korpo Sea Jazz, in its modest way, tries to be involved in this work by collaborating with few organizations, mainly regarding the protection of the Archipelago Sea and the Baltic Sea. The concert venues in Korppoo, Nauvo, Houtskar and Aspö are also part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which turns 30 this year, which we are proud of and which obliges us to promote sustainable development through our activities. Korpo Jazz will make a request to the concert venues and restaurants in Korppoo to gradually switch into using only ecological detergents and dishwashing liquid in the kitchens and ecological soaps in the public restrooms etc.

Let’s take responsibility for the future together, let’s listen to jazz together!

Bosse Mellberg
Korpo Jazz rf – Korppoo Jazz Association